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Re: GT2 Car Viewer: A tool to view GT2 cars...
« Reply #60 on: June 16, 2020, 08:09:25 pm »
Hello everyone, I come with an updated GT2 car viewer thanks to Leo's source code, with his approval.
The edit was done mostly by pez2k, with a quick fix by TheAdmiester.

Here's the changelog:

v0.2.4a TheAdmiester's fix
Fix quad data left over when loading a smaller car than previous

* Fix UV map drawing breaking when a model uses a UV Y coordinate
  of 224.


* Port to a newer version of Delphi, to replace an unlicensed
  gzip component with the built-in gzip library. Rewrite use of
  gzip to use this library, which conveniently also fixes crashes
  when scrolling quickly through cars.


* Reorganise the UI to maximise the size of the render window.
* Store the last selected path, checkbox state, and render
  background colour in the config file.
* Resize the texture preview to the correct 256x224.
* Change the vertex colour to magenta rather than yellow, and
  shrink the size on the texture preview from 2x2 to 1x1 to trade
  visibility for accuracy.
* Remove the gradient and vignette from the render, as well as
  the FPS counter.

Here's the download to the archive.

The source code to it is available upon request.

Here's an image to show the changes (background color is changeable in the .ini)

Happy car viewing!
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