Author Topic: GT2 Car Viewer: A tool to view GT2 cars...  (Read 6507 times)


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Re: GT2 Car Viewer: A tool to view GT2 cars...
« Reply #45 on: May 26, 2018, 01:21:12 pm »
Hi, I'm aware of this issue but I'm afraid I can't do anything from my apart to fix it, the problem is that as you probably know PSX doesn't use any kind of filter for it's textures like PC does, and if I disable in 3dsmax texture filtering by setting it to Nearest(similar to PSX filtering) the texture look fine Pic1 but if I set filter to Anisotropic the problems appears Pic2... So I guess the tool export correctly UV's, I think It just that the cars are textured to work correctly only without filtering!? :-\



Sorry I didn't answered your previous post,  I've completely forgot about it...
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