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Re: TE1MV: A tool to view 3D models...
« Reply #15 on: February 23, 2017, 09:07:09 am »
Hey Leo had a chance to tinker with the tool and ran into a problem with it. Ok to start off had to wait until your forum came out of maintenance mod to post this  :D anyway Yoshimitsu will not port at all in Resident Evil 2. It doesn't matter if I do a full mesh replacement or just even one part of the mesh, it just doesn't like anything at all to do with the 2nd alt costume (the knight armour one.)

At first I thought it might have being the texture, turns out it wasn't that. Then went through all the other troubleshooting and again still nothing, you have any idea why it doesn't like the mesh at all?

Other than that:

;) Kazuya ported fine, I will keep testing what does and doesn't work and get back to you.