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-AITD4 BIN Editor v0.1b- (Alone In The Dark 4 BIN Editor)

This tool allows to view and edit some raw images in DATA.BIN from CD1 and CD2 of the PSX version of the game, those images are 320x240 15bpp PSX TIM like format but with the different header. I've test the tool only with SLUS_012.01 seems to working fine even though I haven't yet test edited DATA.BIN in game. Hope this tool is gonna to be useful  :)

Note: In order the tool be able to view or edit DATA.BIN contains, DATA.BIN must be copied from the CD# somewhere to HD...


Note: Before start downloading from datafilehost uncheck the checkbox that I'm showing down below also JavaScript must be enabled in browser!

AITD4_BIN_Editor v0.1b.Zip (467.35 KB)

Good Work, Leo. As always on top:)

Thanks! Are you working on something currently?

Yes, i'm working on DC2FT(Yeah, I came back to this project:)) and decompress\compress files of Project Zero 2(Wii)

Hey buddy

first of all I want to thank you for your great tools :)
I want to know that can I use DC2FT for Ps1 version of the game?



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