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Re: AITD4 BIN Editor: A tool to edit BIN files...
« on: February 18, 2015, 09:50:22 pm »
Yes, i'm working on DC2FT(Yeah, I came back to this project:)) and decompress\compress files of Project Zero 2(Wii)
I'm glad to hear that, also I'm glad that you've improve a lot  your programming skills :)

Thanks a lot Leo for make this tool for that amazing game!

A question, is possible to extract the game backgrounds with this tool?

Thanks again and I hope you could make some tools for Silent Hill 1 too, in a near future. ;)

You welcome, this tool only can view/extract/replace all BG's that are raw(320x240 15bpp) but not the othet actual BG's they most likely compressed, In the near future I'll try to look for that too to see what I can do about it, I would had looked in that right now but right I'm working on RE2 tool which almost ready after I'll done with it I'll may take a look at AITD4 BG's ;)

As about Silent Hill I haven't forgot it, it just that I work on other stuff when I'm in a mood, so we'll see :)
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