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Re: RE3SLDE: A tool to edit SLD files...
« Reply #15 on: October 04, 2014, 03:55:37 am »
I never used that tool before.  Why are you tired of this tool?  Is it boring maybe?
Yes it''s boring, it's much more interesting to create a new tools rather than updating them.

Have u ever worked on Final Fantasy / Tomb Raider or Silent Hill Toos?
I'm not interesting in Final Fantasy so I wouldn't even try to make anything for it without interest beside theres already plethora tools for the game as far as I know,  I was working on an level extractor/decompressor  for TR4 once this game also have already many tools. As about SH it's a game that I wanna to create tools for, have already experimented with levels a while ago, so theres a chance that I may start working on it maybe even soon.

The update is almost ready have add support for stages 4, 5 too, the tool should work fine with all rooms from supported stages even though I haven't test them all.
RE3SLDE v0.2b:

Edit: Have add support for stages 6 and 7 so now tool support all stages, download link on the first post.
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