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RE2TE: A tool to edit text and font...
« on: February 25, 2015, 04:46:21 am »
-RE2TE v0.1b- (Resident Evil 2 Text Editor)  Release Date:  2/28/2015

About: This tool it's an editor specifically created for FONT0.ADT which contain game font, with this tool you can open FONT0.ADT(and some other font as well) export it to PSX TIM edit it say in Photoshop using Tim Plug-in and import it back to the tool which then will convert it back to ADT, the tool will also fix black text issue. Font color can be changed using Font->Colors options. This tool is also able to create MSG files, this ability should be used along with BIOFAT I've test it only with version There's also small problems like missing last line in font when you open FONT0.ADT which I can not fix right now it has to do with adt2img.exe and how it decompress FONT0.ADT to BMP. The tool also need upgrades/changes which I'll try to do in the future so for now take it as an experimental ;)

Credit: PmData for his adt2img.exe and adttools.exe, Yusuke Kamiyamane for the icons...

Thanks: @DXP for THIS thread that has inspired me to create this tool :)


Above text in game.

An example using Font->Colors options.

Note: Before start downloading from datafilehost uncheck the checkbox that I'm showing down below also JavaScript must be enabled in browser!

RE2TE (567.32 KB)
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