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Re: RE2RDTE: A tool to edit RDT files...
« Reply #45 on: October 29, 2020, 08:10:58 pm »
This tool is amazing! Thank you so much for this Leo, I cannot even imagine the amount of time that went into making this!

I could not find much info after a few days of searching, so I wanted to also post for other people who might have my same issue. For getti g the red arrow to work I had to not use compatibility mode for windows XP with windows 10. For some reason this either makes the red arrow jump around like crazy, or it just sits and does not move.

To get it working might be difficult for some people since it seems to be version specific. First I had to install the UK version of RE2, if you arent a collector or dont already have it, this might be hard to find, sorry. You can tell by the name of the .exes to launch the game. The rtd folder will also be called "rdp" not rdu or rda...

After this, if you use Claire (for some reason Leon doesnt work for me, but Claire work for both the Pl0 and Pl1 maps...) and then load the .rdt file in RE2RDTE, you should see the red arrow move around as you move with Claire!

I should mention too, that I am doing this in a virtual drive running Windows XP Mode. For some reason, as I mentioned if you run it on Windows 10, with campatibility for Windows XP SP3, it somehow breaks the connection with RE2DTE. It will work in Windows 10, as Claire IF you leave the settings without compatibility mode, but i could not get the game window above smallest setting this way, which was far too small for me. Running in VM in Windows XP Mode though i could make it 640 and still see the arrow!

Hopefully this help someone in the future as it took some time to figure it out. Thank you again Leo for such a fantastic tool! I mod some other ps1 games (FFT) as well and seeing that you made tools like this for Resident Evil for both PS1 and PC is amazing. You are a gentleman and a scholar!

One question I have for other people now. Does anyone know how to get the 3dsmax scripts/tools to work in Blender or Maya or anything? I cannot afford 3dxmax, but the tools seem like they would save a lot of time from trial and error lol.
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