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Re: RE2MV: A tool to view/edit 3D models...
« on: September 26, 2018, 01:03:17 pm »
Hello. As you can see I'm new here, but thaks to Leo's wonderful tools I just started to modify RE2 and yes I have MANY questions, but for now I want to konw how can I remove parts from the model? (like the knife example).

I already exported one to Blender, edited there (delete the sideburns of Claire) and close the holes with the existing polygons, but when I open the results in RE2MV, theres giant holes where the sideburns has to be. What I'm doing wrong?

You were already told what you need to do by DXP in this post.

As for a question about the actual tool or a direct relation to it, I can't seem to find a single animation file(so far) in the RDTs and I've got ROOMC000 through G040 left to go.
In a post you made on the RE Modification from you said that the animations files could be found here.

I have tried using RE2MV on ROOM1010.RDT(Kendo's Gunshop) and ROOM1020.RDT(Alley/Basketball Court) but I only get objects and the chain link fence gate that the zombies bust through in the basketball court. No animations.

Unfortunately I've seen no .EDD or .EMR files at all. I've also used BIOFAT to disassemble the RDT files one by one and it's incredibly tedious to do. There is an "animations.rbj" file in both folders after disassembly but I have no idea if this is what I need and I don't know how to open it.

Could you possibly tell me where exactly are the animation files located?
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