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RE2BM: A tool to manage BG's...
« on: August 16, 2014, 08:19:39 pm »
-RE2BM v0.2.3b-

It's an background manager for RE2[PC], The main purpose of this tool is to simplify and speed up process of finding\viewing\saving\replacing backgrounds and masks that inside ROOMCUT.BIN without a need of rebuilding it every time, only once at the app start.

How it work: The first time app start it'll ask for ROOMCUT.BIN after it opened the app will try to rebuild it so in future replacing any background\mask will be work of few seconds, the original ROOMCUT.BIN will be renamed to ROOMCUT.BAK for backup purpose, after rebuild app will try to read first camera background from every room available and catch them for fast access the next time app start  this will happen only first time app start or after "Clear Catch" option.

Note: There maybe some bugs or I've miss something about ROOMCUT.BIN, so take this tool as an experimental for now.
Right now it support only TIM but I guess I'll add support for other formats as well.
What image you'll see that image is saved\replaced...
If camera contains mask, the button "Show\Hide Mask" will change icon.

Credit: PmData for his adt2img.exe and adttools.exe that I use in this tool.


Note: Before start downloading from datafilehost uncheck the checkbox that I'm showing down below also JavaScript must be enabled in browser!

RE2BM (525.86 KB)
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