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Trying to localize people here


Hi everyone im new in this forum.I am trying to talk with leo,of this forum.
I tried many ways.Mails here,yt channel and hangout google.Without success i couldn't talk with him.
Anyone here that know him better in person out of this forum,or anyone who know were else he can be,can give me a hand?

For leo2236: Leo if you are reading this,i just want to ask you only a couple of minutes of your time to talk with me about some things,if you dont mind.
Hope everyone are good.Any help will be more than appreciated.

Hi, sorry I didn't answer you earlier, it's just that I don't care much about all this stuff anymore plus I get tired to say no almost every time people ask about some game and therefore I rarely answer to anyone(except when I'm in a good mood maybe). Anyway send me PM if you want, maybe I'll be useful after all...


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