Author Topic: Plugin for importing bones and animations to Blender from .anim (RE1MV)  (Read 174 times)

Ivan Enzhaev

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Hi, Leo

I try to import the "CHAR11.OBJ" model to Blender. I will describe by steps. If I wrong say me about it. I see that body parts of the model are very big. I think I will have problems with positions of body parts that describes in the ".anim" file.

I cannot upload screenshots on your web site. I will upload them on DropBox. But if I delete them from DropBox no one will see them here on the forum.

I selected the "Torso" object and I see that it is the "Object_0" element because it has 56 vertices in the ".obj" file. The "1 2 9 12" indices are children of the "torso" bone. The "1" have 88 vertices and it is the head. And so on.

I think I will to begin to write a plugin that will parse data from the ".anim" file.