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Hi Leo,

I read somewhere in the forum that you like the Nightmare Creatures series. So my question is, do you have in mind a project about some future tools?

Hi Skylabh,

Yeah, I like a lot Nightmare Creatures especially the first one and was thinking a while ago to write some tools for it like 3D level viewer or 3D character viewer but at the time I didn't had enough experience to do so but now I think I have, so yes I have plans for the Nightmare Creatures, it's just that right now I don't have free time cause any free time I have I spend on RE2RDTE and I don't really know how long it will take. The only thing I can promise is that with the first chance I will try to do some tool/s for the game ;)

Great. Good news then :)

Hi yo, Leo!
I totally support this. NC1 is also one of my favourite games, and by chance Im messing with it nowadays with regular luck.
See here:
Leo, you already know that you gained the heaven for me with your work at RE modding scene, but if you eventually come with a NC1 level viewer with export option you would be a huge help (again) for my little project.
This series are usually criticized for the clunky controls or aged mechanics, and in a way it may be true but the artistic part and background story is simply mesmerizing, IMHO.
Anyway, its nice to say hi again and wish you good luck.


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