Author Topic: If anyone need a source from any of my tool/s just let me know...  (Read 488 times)


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Quote from: kamilm122
Man thank you for that! It's awesome that you just really want  to share the code to somebody else :D.
No problems!  :)

Quote from: kamilm122
Leo, do you mind if i could post my tool here [not EXACTLY in this topic] for T3, and other games I'm think I'll be working in the near future?
It would be cool to contribute to such independent place for game/rom-hacking :>
Of course feel free to post, I've create a thread for Tekken 3 and you can post your tool there. Let me know about the other games I'll will create threads for them as well  ;) Waiting to see your tools impatiently!  :)

Quote from: kamilm122
BTW I know its complete off top but few days ago i managed to scratch a bit MAME roms of Tekken series [t2, t3 and TTT]. All of them seems compressed [i guess? I see "damaged" strings inside by viewing them in hex edit, however i have NO IDEA which compression method they have used]. On the other hand, if that would be any known compression, 7-zip could recognize that and unpack contents right? Unfortunately, it can't :/. I can't even find any information about that. At least how to dump roms for MAME and that's all.
Sorry I don't know much about MAME system, sure have played it a lot in past and thats all...
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