Author Topic: If anyone need a source from any of my tool/s just let me know...  (Read 488 times)


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@tugaevil15, Good idea will do that as soon as I can ;)

Hi kamilm122,

Here's the source of TE2MV, as about BNS extractor I'm afraid it's gone, I lost the source of it just recently along with some other stuff because of HDD problems, fortunately I've made some backups and didn't lose much but  BNS extractor was one of the tools I've lost...

I wrote TE2MV with Delphi 7 Personal, to compile TE2MV you will also need to add "PngComponents" to Delphi so it could support PNG images... 

Delphi 7 Personal:
TE2MV v0.1b Source:
Did you make up these file extensions?
Yes I did, for simplicity.

Good luck with Tekken 3 ;)
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