Author Topic: If anyone need a source from any of my tool/s just let me know...  (Read 488 times)


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Hi Leo!

If you could pm me source of your TE2MV or BNS extractor.
I'm researching now Tekken 3 and i'm really close to get the geometry out, but more interesting is the fact, HOW did you differ each data type in single *fighter* section.
I mean, your BNS extractor sorted everything, and then unpacked the stuff to each folder with all the belongings to ie KAZUYA, KAZUYA_2 etc.
Did you make up these file extensions? Because i haven't seen anything similiar to "TMC TTC" and so on.
Of course VB and VH are documented in Sony's developer doc so these weren't that hard to bite.
Nevertheless goemetry is always seen like that:

16bit 16bit 16bit 00 00
16bit 16bit 16bit 00 00
16bit 16bit 16bit 00 00
16bit 16bit 16bit 00 00

though I CANNOT imagine how did you get, where is the fragment containing all the animation data!
Bah! Faces, normals, tex coords!
So many questions.

By the way, I just want to note that my method is similiar. I'm also crashing epsxe's savestate in most "flashy" places with hex editor, and then check them, but STILL.
By that, I just know where to search for the info, but not exactly what.

So this is why i'm begging you for the source code :D