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Needed: ADT Unpack/Repack


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Hi Leo;

I'm have searching a complete tool to edit ADT RE2-PC files but it's very difficult.
I found BioFat Decompress bt some images are out of configuration. I found adttools too but this tool can not extract some files so...
Do you have any tool to decompress and recompress ADT files?
I have trying edit the Gwarning.adt and OPENCS.adt [spanish subtitles of opening [ Guests cannot view attachments ] .



No I don't have any other tool for ADT. By the way Gwarning.adt you've post is modified right(for some reason it has to be decompressed twice before I could see it contains)? Also OPENCS.adt contains 2 TIM's(256x256 4bit) when you decompress it adt2img.exe, first TIM is start at offset 0x4 and the second at offset 0x8044.

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I can't recompress this images to ADT again.
Biofat extracts to RAW image. This RAW image have 2 TIM images. When I edit this TIMs and put into RAW image again AND put this on Biofat Recompress, this tool crash. I can't recompress the RAW file.

I have missed anything?


I use another way to edit this files and return success!
- Extract ADT with Biofat / Edit TIMs / Recompress Tim to ADT with AdtToolsGui [downloaded here].
With this way the file works and OPENING have editable subtitles now:

I didn't mention AdtToolsGUI because it use AdtTools.exe which is simply implemented inside AdtToolsGUI.exe, anyway I'm glad that you've figured it out ;)

By the way I think soon I'll be done with GTTV(I've already release beta) then I'll will work on RE3SLDE and will try to add support for other stages as well ;)

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This process only works with 256x256 TIM/ADT images.
If the image have 320x240 the process is more expansive, utilizing Biofat/AdtToolGui and recompres ADT with other Biofat version.
Anyway, the ADT images are editable with any size and it is very...Very cool!



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