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Looking for certain RE2 anim

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Hi all,

I've been trying to extract all the anims from RE2 for player and enemies, but I'm having trouble finding a couple of animations for the Leon or Claire. The anim I'm looking for is the player climbing on top of a box or platform. I have pretty much all anims except this one. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Hi and welcome spritefun!

If I'm not mistaking anything the animations you're looking for are inside *.RDT...

Hi Leo,

That's interesting, I had thought that, but how do I get anims from RDTs?

Awesome tools btw you're a legend!

Thanks for the kind words!

To extract animations from an *.RDT you can use BIOFAT a great tool created by MarkGrass, after extraction you should have *.EMR + *.EDD which then you can import into RE2MV and play/export them as usual...

Ahh brilliant, I'm excited now! I bet all cutscene amins are in those RDTs too. I've got a long day of extracting ahead of me...

Thanks again!!


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