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Leo's Can you do a RDTExplorer vr. for RE2 and RE3?

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Your RDTExplorer is wonderful.

It would be very nice if you do it for RE2 and RE3.

You have to do? At least to add enemies and items already taria good.

Actually here and a while there's a thought to create RDTExplore2 I think there's already enough information about RE2 RDT's files to create a better tool than  RDTExplore for RE1 is, but I can't seems to find enough motivation to start writing it and I don't want to start something that I may quit later on. So all I can tell right now is hopefully soon I'll eventually star writing it, can't say when exactly though.

Also are you aware of THIS project?


Thank you for return.

It would be great you do RDTexploder2 for RE2.

The link project does not open, you can post correct link again?

Look on my youtube channel will see that I have some mod that I did:

The link working fine with me, more likely the site it self have a access problem with some countries. Anyway here's the link to the site main page maybe it'll work(go to Useful Tools>RDTpro to find the project I was talking about)

Nice mod's you've create by the way! ;)

That strange.

For me, the page does not open. You mean this site?:

In its RDTxploder for RE1 how do I add a visible iten in senario?

I have to add the icon too?


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