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This tool is a track viewer for the Gran Turismo, right now it only support 14 of 63 tracks that are stored in COURSE.DAT hope in the near future I'll add support for the rest tracks and will add a new options, this tool was tested only with PAL version of the game SCES_009.84 so it may not work with other regions.

GT Track Viewer v0.1b:

Note: Do not use downloader it's problematic I've heard, so before downloading uncheck the related checkbox.

GTTV_v0.1b_Setup.EXE (875 KB)

Interesting Leo. I saw such a tool on RE123 Forum u were working on just like for Metal Gear Solid. 

Yeah, I was working on similar tool that would allow to view MGS level but I didn't advance alot before I lost that tool source and some other tools later sources like RE3MV after HDD failure, luckily I'm trying to keep backups as often as I can and because of that I didn't lose alot of data.   

Have some progress with the tool, specifically with the textures have discover how the game store them in PSX VRAM and apply them to the polygons in track later on. Wrote this small tool for testing purposes off course it source will be used in the main tool, what the tool does is to read all the texture from an .PST and then place them in correct pages just like the game does but this time all textures pages will be 256x256 32bit so I could easily use them in OpenGL. Anyway now I'm one step closer to the first release even though theres still many things to discover.

The last few days I had advance a lot with tool, it already can view one track not with all object like in game but still it's a good progress. So I'm one more step(big) closer to the first release...




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