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-GT Car Viewer v0.1b-

This tool is able to preview cars from Gran Turismo, right now it only support CARCADE.DAT that contains cars from arcade mode. The tools also provide option to export 3D model of an car to OBJ and texture as a single 256x256 BMP.

Note: Theres some bugs with some polygons in some cars that need to be fixed.



Note: Before start downloading from datafilehost uncheck the checkbox that I'm showing down below also JavaScript must be enabled in browser!

GT Car Viewer v0.1b.EXE (623.09 KB)

Hey Leo! First of all thanks for this awesome tool!  How ur doing?  Hope ur fine. Are u still working on this tool? I wanted to know if your planing to add the feature to open the cars from the CAR.DAT Folder? 

Thanks I'm fine hope you too Domenic, actually yes I'm planning to add support for CAR.DAT soon, don't know exactly when though.

Hi! congratulations for your abilities to create awesome tools like this!
unfortunately Datafilehost blocked the download for inactivity (i don't believe) or due to not complying with their terms. Is there another way to obtain this file?

Hi @bitulano and thanks for the good words, the reason most likely that datafilehost removed tool has something to do with the terms rather for inactivity reason cause the tool has been downloaded continuously, anyway I've reuploaded the tool to the mediafire and now it will be there for a long time.

GT Car Viewer v0.1b.EXE (623.09 KB)


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