Author Topic: RE1MV: A tool to edit EMD files...  (Read 795 times)


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RE1MV: A tool to edit EMD files...
« on: August 14, 2014, 05:42:56 pm »
-RE1MV v0.9b-

This tool it's an editor for RE1[PSX, PC] EMD files, those EMD's usually contains characters or enemies. Tool features:
  • Veiw all *.EMD files from the game (Player, Enemy)...
  • Play animation...
  • Extract/Repack *.EMD files...
  • View texture...
  • View Model texture UV...
  • Export/Replace texture to/from*.TIM or *.BMP...
  • Export/Replace whole model to/from *.TMD...
  • Export/Replace model part  to/from*.TMD or *.OBJ...
  • Export whole model to *.OBJ with part in the correct position...
  • Move model part...
  • Take screenshot as *.BMP...

RE1MV_v0.9b_Setup.exe (821.55 KB)
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Re: RE1MV: A tool to edit EMD files...
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2017, 10:55:49 pm »
Hey man I started working on a demake of  Vanessa  Schneider from P.N.03 to replace Jill but when I tried to export the whole model it came out with a lot normals errors. I open it on blender and noesis and have the same results.

This not happen if you export the individual parts.
Just in case you ever think of make a new version of this awesome tool  ;)


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