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Tools / Re: DDABINExtractor: A tool to extract LOADSCRN.BIN...
« Last post by electromicro on July 23, 2018, 06:02:17 am »
Hey! Leo, do you continue this tool? It's can be great! Impossible to find other tool... You are the only person who can make this tool ;(
Tools / Re: GT2 Car Viewer: A tool to view GT2 cars...
« Last post by kian on July 17, 2018, 08:05:21 am »
Passing by..
Oh so thats why I see those pink lines. Good to know that.
So sup Leo.. Hows life?
I just can't wait to see those Gran Turismo 2 cars running in here.

I've figure out how I'm gonna do it.  once I can make this one square km I will make every one.
Random / Re: Trying to localize people here
« Last post by Leo2236 on July 05, 2018, 04:53:39 pm »
Hi, sorry I didn't answer you earlier, it's just that I don't care much about all this stuff anymore plus I get tired to say no almost every time people ask about some game and therefore I rarely answer to anyone(except when I'm in a good mood maybe). Anyway send me PM if you want, maybe I'll be useful after all...
Random / Trying to localize people here
« Last post by jake wade on July 04, 2018, 12:55:05 am »
Hi everyone im new in this forum.I am trying to talk with leo,of this forum.
I tried many ways.Mails here,yt channel and hangout google.Without success i couldn't talk with him.
Anyone here that know him better in person out of this forum,or anyone who know were else he can be,can give me a hand?

For leo2236: Leo if you are reading this,i just want to ask you only a couple of minutes of your time to talk with me about some things,if you dont mind.
Hope everyone are good.Any help will be more than appreciated.
Tools / Re: RE2MemoEditor: A tool to edit memos...
« Last post by lucyjanes on June 20, 2018, 02:59:00 pm »
The link is down.
Tools / Re: GT Car Viewer: A tool to view GT cars...
« Last post by submaniac93 on June 18, 2018, 09:12:48 pm »
Hello Leo! We've been making a little bit of progress in our Gran Turismo research and modding group lately, thanks to having gotten the help of a programmer. I was wondering if you could send us the source code for the GT1 car viewer like you did for the GT2 one so he could understand how you translated the .dat files into readable material? It would save a lot of time for him.


Tools / Re: GT Track Viewer: A tool to view GT tracks...
« Last post by wofkotto on June 16, 2018, 05:11:55 am »
The last few days I had advance a lot with tool, it already can view one track not with all object like in game but still it's a good progress. So I'm one more step(big) closer to the first release...



Could you fix this? I can't find the course.dat in the main file.
Tools / Re: GT Track Viewer: A tool to view GT tracks...
« Last post by wofkotto on June 16, 2018, 05:08:43 am »
Well this didn't work. That's something I'm guessing
Tools / Re: TE2MV: A tool to view 3D models...
« Last post by Heihachi_73 on June 15, 2018, 12:49:01 am »
Hope I'm not too late to the party, I have only just seen this site and my mouth dropped when I saw that someone had figured out how to rip the 3D models! I have been documenting the early Tekken series animations on and off since 2008; there are around 3000 different animations in Tekken 2 alone, despite most characters sharing moves. Note that the animations are everything from moves, to moving around, standing still, laying/rolling on the ground, taking damage, being launched/juggled/thrown, to win/lose animations, and even unused moves which never made the cut. Note that I have only documented (not ripped) the animations by looking at the pointers in the game.

The thing which got me started was not actually the PlayStation version of Tekken 2, but the original Ver. A arcade release which was slightly different to the later versions, having less moves and a few different move notations, some of which were not even documented in FAQs (most FAQs either covered the more common Ver.B arcade machine or the PlayStation version).

Just wondering, would the arcade 3D models be the same as (or similar to) the PlayStation versions? The arcade hardware is basically a custom PS1-based system with Namco's own sound chip replacing the Sony one. I have a feeling the data may be compressed inside the ROMs as even the TIMs don't show up (note that you have to interleave the ROMs first, otherwise everything will be garbled). TIMs do show up inside save states and memory dumps however, as well as on the Tekken 5 disc (tk5data3.bin). Note that the arcade games do not have a visible file system to speak of, so there is no reading through ARC/BNS files unlike the PlayStation games, you would most likely have to read through (and decompress if necessary) the entire ROM data. It may be easier to rip things from the first 3 games from the Tekken 5 PS2 disc, but I don't know if the arcade data is still there or if they are simply PS2 ports of the arcade games reusing the old PS1-style graphics (the sound is definitely redone, mostly using the PS1 sound effects).

While the arcade version of Tekken 2 may (or may not) have identical 3D models to the PlayStation version, the arcade version of Tekken 1 has three unique character models - King's white/red P2 outfit, Law's all-yellow P1 outfit, and Ganryu (all bosses only had P1 outfits). Tekken 3 is also a completely different beast on System 12, with a higher poly count, higher resolution and 3D stages (compared to the flat stage backgrounds in the PlayStation version) - unfortunately you won't find Doctor Boskonovitch, Gon or the Tekken Force guys on the arcade version (Anna is there, although her moves aren't as she was only a Start button costume swap for Nina). The arcade versions of Tekken Tag Tournament, Soul Edge and SoulCalibur may also be similar in design, all three games have 3D backgrounds similar to Tekken 3.
Tools / Re: D2RV: A tool to view RAW files...
« Last post by Leo2236 on June 02, 2018, 05:48:08 pm »
Sorry but seems that I don't have the latest source of it anymore, I only have the old version of it, but I'll update it(again) soon and will upload it...

Edit: Here it is:!AmRvpG6REwddge1HYHhA-Vv6mgU1ZA
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