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Delphi / Fast 3d research tool [video]
« on: April 18, 2017, 11:51:45 pm »

Today XentaX fanpage on facebook posted this thing:

Basically what it does is printing and rendering potential 3d geometry by the given informations like offsets  and counts.
Not sure what exactly is Padding.

It's really worth to try and play with it. Speeds up research progress.
I wonder why i didn't upgrade my hex2obj like that :D.

Regards! :D

Tools / My research attempt
« on: June 02, 2016, 08:20:57 pm »

So first of all, about two/three weeks ago I started to make an app that takes out everything which reminds of 3d model in tekken 3.
I used the method explained in Tekken 2 topic by Leo.
Simply, I saved the savestate in epsxe, and then i was messing around with some values that reminded of vertex order.
I've noticed then certain string "3DMK". Before digging in savestate, i saw it in BNS file, when i thought, that making a TMD ripper is good idea, but i ignored it [it was a long time ago].
To prove myself that this string is the header of the model, I've decided to look for it in hex in the savestate file. Bang! Two of them only!
So i scrolled a bit, and noticed something which was similiar to groups of 16 bits, spaced with 00 00s between each.

I zeroed few sections [dont have the photo] and that is what came out:

Quick code to convert these 16bit values from offset to offset, to OBJ file and view em:

At this point i can only give my small app here if you want to look fast for similiar cases:

Things i DON'T know now [and i don't have that much time to learn that format]
-where is face indexing
-where are certain offsets for vertices, UVs, animations etc

I'll appreciate any contribution to this, and also, continuation with Tekken 2 animation data, and model hierarchy

EDIT: I can upload sample 3DMK found in BNS file, if anybody want to to research like me.

Regards :D

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