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Title: Tekken 2: 3D models ripping...
Post by: Leo2236 on February 28, 2015, 06:02:56 am
Quote from: @kamilm122

I think it needs separate topic or private talking.
I got facebook and skype, but i'm on skype more often: kamilm1222 [i don't need to talk via mic, so chat-only is enough ;)]
facebook: facebook.com/doxy128bit
Sorry but I don't use Skype at all nor I like to use Facebook but we can talk here with no problem :)

Quote from: @kamilm122
For now on, i'm focused on tekken 2 mainly. My main "book of knowledge" is DGTEF from xentax.
The thing is to find something which reminds of some kind of "table of contents" like folders's list, and i found that.
But i stopped at that, i don't know where offsets could be hidden to the stuff i want to rip-off.
The list that you've found is at offset 0x4A716 in game exe right? My exe is SLUS_002.13 btw.

Quote from: @kamilm122
I was writing my own TMD ripper for general purposes, to extract TMD from any psx game. Sadly, not many games uses them that "straight".
Maybe some elements are taken from official sony documentary (psyq), to operate on data [i don't know, just my thought], but not everything.
Both in tekken 2 and 3, you can see via some HEX-Editor, when the main exe file is using typical functions which are documented in psyq, for loading TMDs and TIMs.
That was my first hint to write TMD extractor, but it failed because there are no TMDs in main archives. Just TIMs [textures] and vab files [sound].
Yeah sadly not many game use standard PSX TMD cause that would make things much more easier, beside the fact that the most games use they own 3D formats some of them also compress they data just like the first Tekken do with avatar images and 3D models, by the way I was exploring Tekken files a while ago and wrote depacker a bit buggy though but once I'll get back to it and finish it I'll release it.

Anyway back to Tekken 2 yesterday after I finish some tool for RE2 that I was busy with I've decided to take a look at Tekken 2 3D models and since we don't know yet how to extract TEKKEN2.BNS I looked in ePSXe decompressed Save State and have discover some very useful info about models like vertex, triangle, quad  structure which is almost enough to convert every character and body part individually  to some common format like OBJ one of the problem is UV's I don't know yet how they work and need more research. The main priority of course is to write an extractor for TEKKEN2.BNS  that way I would knew where 3D models starts and ending case right now I don't looking at them just in PSX RAM. There's also another good news, the 3D models that inside TEKKEN2.BNS are not compressed which will speed up the hole process.

Anyway I'll keep searching and if I find anything I'll let you know ;)

Edit: Good news I think I've found files offsets list, it start at offset 0x964 and every file info has the following structure:
Code: [Select]
{File Info 12 Bytes Long                                                       }
TFileInfo = record
Offset: DWORD; //It's not actual offset to the file but the sector index, so you'll have to multiply it by 0x800 to get real offset
Size: DWORD; //Size of the file
Zero: DWORD; // Always Zero

Theres 400 files if I'm not mistake, that information is already enough to write the extractor but the extracted files wouldn't had real names which is really not very important, to extract files with correct name we'll have to use another list that I was talking about above. Anyway I'll write the extractor today or tomorrow, if you don't write it first since you have programming skills :)

Also one more thing I found some 3D mode inside game exe, by looking at vertexes only in some tool it's difficult to say what it is  ??? That need to be checked too at some point...

Quote from: @kamilm122
So i'm stuck at knowing that i have a key to the main work, but i don;t know where to search for those damn offsets... I want to use character animations in the future project, that's why i want it :P.
Most likely animations and actual 3D models are store in separate file but I'm not completely sure.

Sorry for the late reply ;)
Title: Re: Tekken 2: 3D models ripping...
Post by: Abohack on March 01, 2015, 10:59:25 am
Hey buddy

I'm so happy that you are working on Tekken 2 files and specially it's models. I was trying to work on this game and I just could change it's textures with TIM2VIEW tool on TEKKEN2.BNS.

thanks alot
Title: Re: Tekken 2: 3D models ripping...
Post by: Leo2236 on March 01, 2015, 11:44:08 pm
I'm glad to know that other people have interest in Tekken 2 :)

By the way here's the tool that I was talking about above, just have finish it:

I guess now I'm gonna do more research on the 3D models I still have to find were/how the game store it UV's and some other stuff as well like animations...