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Complex wheels


  Hello leo
I would like to thank you for the tips you give me on how to convert vertex hexa values to decimals, now I am convinced to rip the models of my favorite games like metal gear solid, formula 1 95, drive, v rally and cart world series, I'm not a programmer, I do a manual job playing the vertex values in an obj notepad and textures using the 3d ripper dx with the 3d blender.
Well I would like one more tip if its possible, in the game f1 95 when I move in the value of a vertex of the wheel, it moves as if it were an object, it will be that the wheel is in another file or I am not able to study The structures of the wheels?
there is! Congratulations on the new gt2 viewer.
thank you.

Thanks!  :)

Maybe you moving value that responsible for wheel position and not the vertex value?  ???

I think the wheels in games like Gran Turismo 2 or Colin McRae Rally 2 have the engine add a flat plane in the position where the wheels should be and rotate and move that plane depending on the suspension settings and steering.


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